Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I love buying and trying new beauty products. But like any beauty crazed girl, I don't to waste my time and money on products that are terrible all around! I often go to Walgreens to purchase my beauty products. I have to admit that because they are a drugstore, the prices are a little higher than Walmart or Target. They do often have sales such as "Buy 1 get 1 1/2 Off" and "Buy 1 get 1 Free" that cut costs. The reason I like to shop there despite the slightly higher prices is because they are of course less crowded than Walmart or Target. Also they usually have someone who works the beauty section and are willing to help you find the right product for you or suggest things for you. ......But now realizing that I have gone off track raving about Walgreens...back to the purpose of this post!!!

Like I said, I hate wasting money on bad products! Since I often shop at Walgreens for beauty products, a while back I decided to go to there website and just look around and get ideas on new things to try.  While I was shopping around I noticed that the product pages had a review section! The reviews are from everyday people who have tried the product and want to express their love for (or hate for) a particular product and the experience they have had with it. I find these reviews very helpful! Whenever I am thinking about trying a new product I head over to and read its reviews. Sometimes I decided against a product because its reviews were mostly bad, or because of what was said about the product. (Maybe it wasn't exactly what  thought it was for example) And of course, a lot of times I can't wait to get in the store and buy something because everyone seems to love it!

I just wanted to pass on this little trick  use. I feel it has saved me money and also saved me the disappointment of buying a new product and hating it!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Love or Loathe: Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm

I love wearing bright pink colors on my lips. I loathe when I find a beautiful color, but when I put it on my lips it is gone in a matter of minutes! I have found a solution to that problem!!

I decided to try the new Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm and I absolutely love it! I got the color "Passion." It is a bright fuchsia pink and very pretty! I have to admit I was pretty sceptical of this product, a long-lasting lip color is hard to come by. So when I got home I immediately unwrapped the stain and put it on my lips. I first used the marker like applicator to line my lips, then filled them in like you might with a normal lip liner pencil. I let the stain dry for a few seconds and then just to test it, kissed the back of my hand. I was surprised to find that no color transferred! I was so excited! Pretty, kissable lip color that doesn't budge!

Since I was already impressed with the stain I decided to try step 2, the balm. I love it too! Stain can tend to make your lips look sort of dry, as it settles into any cracks. The balm is very moisturizing and almost has the appearance of a clear gloss over the stain.  Of course I had to try the kiss test again, thinking that the balm would cause the stain to rub off. Nope! The balm is clear, so although it does transfer somewhat, you can't really see the transfer.

Overall I am quite impressed with this product! I have been wearing it on a daily basis, only having to reapply once or twice to get me through the day!I can't wait to go back to the store and buy more shades!

Online Shopping!

I love to shop! A lot of times I either don't have time to go to the mall and shop, or sometimes I don't have anyone to go shopping with. (I hate shopping alone!) So most of the time when I am in the mood to update my wardrobe I turn to online shopping! 

Like most things, online shopping has its advantages and disadvantages. The reason I like online shopping is mainly because of the selection. I am a petite woman and I normally wear a size small. Where I live, it seems like whenever I find something I love, the only size they have left is a large! That's no good! =( But when I shop online they tend to have more of a selection of sizes. Also, its easy to shop for exactly want you want online. You can browse through only skirts and bottoms if that what you want, or you shop for dressy vs. casual. In the stores, you don't have this option. Although most stores have some sort of organization, its not usually as simple as online stores.  Another thing I like about online shopping is the wishlist! Sometimes when I need a break from homework or other things I will pull up a few of my favorite store websites and just browse. I save things I like to my wishlist. Then when I have the money I pick a few things from my list and make a purchase. Also, I can add up all the prices and then I know how much money I need to save for that. You can also forward your wishlist to friends and family during the holidays or around your birthday! That's fun for you and you know that you will get something you love!

Some of things I dislike about online shopping are the process of returning merchandise, as well as size issues. When you purchase clothes and shoes online, sometimes it can be difficult to know which size to order.  Not all sizes are the same. A small from one store can be the equivalent to a medium at another store. It just depends. Most website have size charts to help you determine your size. Although these can be helpful, I have learned from past experience they are not always accurate. Sometimes it takes a little bit of trial and error to determine which size your should order from which store. When you receive your order, sometimes you find that your purchase doesn't fit like you want. If you ordered from store that has a physical location near your home, returns are not that difficult. Most stores allow you to return or exchange online purchases in-store instead of shipping them back to the retailer. The problem comes in when you order from store that are not located near your home, or when a store is online only. If you are not happy with an item, you have to ship the product back, and wait for your replacement item to come it. I personally hate doing that!

Overall, I think the pros of online shopping far outweigh the cons. Plus, when you order online you get the rush of the initial purchase, then you get to experience the fun of getting you package and opening it like a fantastic present!! =)

Now for the fun part.....My online shopping recommendations!!

Stores I have made purchases with and recommend:


Makeup Very affordable!

Sites I have not yet purchase from, but worth a look!



I hope you enjoyed this! Now get those credit cards out ladies and have some fun!! (But not too much fun, don't forget you have bills to pay!=)